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Dog home alone gets up to mischief (VIDEO)

Zoesnow_thumb By MissT | March 15, 2014 | Comments (7)

This dog is not allowed on the bed. So his human installed a camera to check what happens when the dog stays home alone. The results are hilarious.


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Comments on this Article

Wonderful moment in a dog's life! His antics + the music had me laughing so hard! Love it! Great dog, awesome cat!
Dog's like: "I'm on the be-ed, I'm on the be-ed, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah! Kidding aside, kinda' stupid rule, cat's allowed on the bed but dog is not? Of course the dog is not going to understand the rule. But she just smart enough to know she's getting up there once the owner is out of sight... smart dog!
Iagree with you Donna! I don't understand people who value material possessions above their pets. Why have a pet then? Thus dog was beyond cute! Loved it.
I think what's happening here is the dog misses the owner. If you listen closely you can hear the owner walking down a flight of stairs. As soon as dog hears the owner has left she jumps on the bed. Once the the dog is on the bed she looks like she is scent rolling to pick up the scent of her owner because she misses her. Then when she is finished rolling she looks for her owner out the window. This video is demonstrating of the love and devotion of the family dog. The cat on the other hand thinks that it's his bed. The music in the video would make Benny Hill proud. I almost expected Benny Hill to pop into the picture. LoL
silly humans and their silly rules, if you do not want the dog on the 'bed', fold the bed up (it is a convertible couch). The dog is doing this just because it was told not to. They are much smarter than some give them credit for. Besides, if you do not want a dog on the furniture either get rid of the furniture or don't get the dog. But he sure did enjoy his being naughty didn't he???
ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cat be like "omg, you're such a loser"
dog's nails need trimming in the worst way
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