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When this Vizsla’s guardian went to pick her up from the daycare she found her like this…

Zoesnow_thumb By MissT | February 28, 2014 | Comments (6)

Haarlem the Vizsla likes to climb out of kennels

A young Vizsla named Haarlem was caught "red handed" trying to escape her kennel at a doggy daycare. Haarlem was found perched at the top of her kennel by her owner and one of the staff at Canine Crews in Chicago.

Andrew Koehler's wife took a photo of their dog and it was posted to Reddit with the caption, "Went to pick up dog from kennel and found her like this..."

Andrew told the Good News Blog that their 13-month-old has a penchant for escape. "She is notorious there for a.) being completely insane, and b.) HATING the kennels," he told the blog. "Normally, if we are late to pick her up, they put her in one of their big playrooms to hang out while they are cleaning, but this day, one of the new girls put her in a kennel without an open top."

According to Andrew, when Andrew's wife went to pick Haarlem up, the new girl went up with her. She was carrying a large stack of paperwork and when she saw what Haarlem had done she screamed and threw the papers into the air. They got help and Haarlem was safely lowered to the floor. She was perfectly fine.

No doubt Haarlem's adventure will be the talk of the daycare for a long time to come!


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Comments on this Article

Darrin thank you again for all the good info.
Part 2. Has there been any instances of contagious disease at the facility recently? Has there been any outbreaks of canine influenza in your area recently, and does the facility use a communal water bowl? What do they use to sterilize food and water bowls? Are there any indicators that the roof has been leaking, and is there any exposed wiring or electrical devices that the leak could come in contact with? Take a look at the pictures on this site in Tamara's article of Dec, 1, 2013 called- Community rallies behind homeless dogs after devastating fire destroys shelter. These are general safety tips and are not pointed at this particular doggy daycare in this article. I'm sure that this doggy daycare runs a very safe facility. What I am saying is that it is up to you to both speak for and make decisions for you and your dogs. Empower yourself with knowledge and do the research for yourself.
You're welcome Corinne. Here are some more general tips. Educate yourself to what the fire code is in your area. If you go on a tour of the facility take a look at the ceiling. Are there functional smoke detectors, is there a sprinkler system on the ceiling? Are there fire extinguishers on the wall and if so is the indicator needle on the pressure gauge in the green? Has the staff of the facility been trained to use them? Will the fire alarm system contact the fire department automatically? Usually there is a tag on the fire extinguisher that indicates the last time of inspection with a signature. Check the date. Has the staff of the facility been trained in canine first aid, and is there a first aid kit that is properly stocked in the facility? What's their protocol in the event of a medical emergency? Part 1
Thank you Darrin for that advice. Honestly I would have never thought about any of that. Right now I am lucky because my mother in law will watch our dogs for us. But if I ever need to leave my dogs in the care of a doggie daycare I will remember to ask. Haarlem reminds me of many Huskys I have seen picture doing crazy things like this.
I dislike this for some reason... The dog daycare facilities I'm familiar with do not resemble kennels. They generally are play areas. Putting your dog in a kennel is OK, just call it what it is. Although I must admit to being biased, mine are truly spoiled. We hire people to come into our home to watch them. One gets very anxious about leaving the house, and car rides. They do better in their own environment.
When choosing a doggy daycare or kennel for your dog don't be afraid to ask questions about the facility. Ask them about the lighting they use in their facility. Some older model fluorescent light ballasts can flicker at a lower flicker fusion rate than a dogs eyes. To our eyes we see one steady light stream, but because dogs see at a higher flicker fusion rate, 70 to 80 Hz, to their eyes it can be like a strobe light. This can cause stress in dogs and lead to eye fatigue and headaches. Ask if they use air fresheners. To us an air fresheners can mask a smell, but to a dog that can smell from a 1000 to 100,000 times better then us it can be stressful. The same goes with strong cleaning solvents. Do your research to find what is best for you. Oh I almost forgot. Some fluorescent lighting can also give off a high pitched hiss that we can't detect, but to a dog can be a persistent source of stress. Some modern electronic LCD screens can have the same effect. I'm glad that Haarlem is ok.
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