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Hidden camera catches clever Beagle stealing chicken nuggets (VIDEO)

Zoesnow_thumb By MissT | January 08, 2014 | Comments (11)

Lucy the Beagle has figured out that there are tasty things in the toaster oven and knows how to get them. After a roast disappeared a few weeks earlier, her guardian Rodd Scheinerman decided to set up a sting operation. He wrote on YouTube, "A few weeks before she took a roast out of the oven that had been cooking for a few hours… So I set her up. I put some nuggets in the oven… Pressed record and left. This was 7 minutes into the video."



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Comments on this Article

Little sh*t. Lol. Hope his paws and mouth did not burn.
What a trouble maker :)
I laugh out loud every time I watch this! And the oven being hot, well, guess it's not too hot, he went back for seconds, once the food was on the floor, he did have to wait. Very smart dog.
Once upon a time I had a friend over with her beagle. I put a bowl of hard food down for her dog and I have never seen any living thing consume food that fast in my life. I'm guessing that only a industrial vacuum cleaner would be able to keep up. I'd also like to add that the dog was treated very well by his guardian and was always well fed. I will also agree with what Chris pointed out with the oven being hot. Perhaps the oven should not be left unattended when it's hot and the dog is present for obvious reasons. Smart dog.
Hey smart one, you made Fox News on Greta tonight! Way to go!
What an awesome dog and clearly in need of a job. Now, I'm thinking if she were elected to office, there is no limit to the number of problems she could resolve.
Not trying to be negative or anything but I hope he doesn't ever get burned when that's hot.
OH MY GOODNESS! This is superb! What a little smarty pants! That is just incredible! How smart you are little one. Pure enjoyment! What a determined, (and hungry) canine! Thanks!
oh man, that dog would be an outside dog after that!
Doesn't seem like he's been trained to do this. That is one clever doggie!!! :0)
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