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Baby laughing from loving Boxer's cuddles is the sweetest thing you'll see today (VIDEO)

Zoesnow_thumb By MissT | January 08, 2014 | Comments (6)

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Comments on this Article

Yes, The little boy and the Boxer sure are getting along well. The dog loves the baby and the baby is enjoying his attention to him.
www.cdc.gov/healthypets/animals/dogs.htm Read the first paragraph. If the CDC says that the best way to prevent disease transmission from dogs is to wash your hands after touching a dogs saliva, dog poop, etc, than isn't it common sense to discourage a dog from licking a babies mouth with an underdeveloped immune system. Like I said the risk is very small but why not stay on the safe side. Here's another article - Simple steps for avoiding infections from dogs and cats. This video is not private Christopher, it's in the public domain on a public website for all to participate. DogHeirs is a platform for dog lovers, both professional and private, to learn and convey what they have learned to others so people can have a better healthier experience with their dogs. As long as a comment is made in a polite and diplomatic fashion with general education in mind, I think that knowledge is a good thing to offer so people can make there own decisions. You said who cares Christopher, I care. I will say it again one more time. What a beautiful little family moment. Thanks for sharing.
video is private, @ Darrin Henry- seriously who cares the baby loves it the dog loves it... we have our dogs give us kisses...
The risk is very low, however I would personally discourage the dog from directly licking the baby on the mouth because some diseases can be transferred from dogs to humans through saliva. Never underestimate the maternal instincts of the female dog. They are very protective of babies and children. Such a beautiful little family moment that I'm sure you'll cherish in years to come. Thanks for sharing.
Adorable! Family dogs know who is important and just lovingly adapt.
Sophie is gorgeous! What a lucky family.
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