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Sleepy red fox curls up in snowy backyard (PHOTOS)

Zoesnow_thumb By MissT | December 16, 2013 | Comments (3)

sleepy fox curls up in a snowy backyard

This sleepy red fox curled up for a nap in the backyard of a home near Calgary in Alberta, Canada. 

sleepy fox curls up in a snowy backyard

The fox came into the yard the morning and didn't look like he was going to leave.

sleepy fox curls up in a snowy backyard

The photographer writes, "[The fox] has actually been hanging around my neighborhood for a few months! This is really the only time I was able to get a decent picture of it though."


Photographs from Redditor athlonfx





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Comments on this Article

This is a beautiful animal. I guess he likes being in the cold, I would build some kind of shelter for him if it was me. I have a Pomeranian the same color, that's where the Pomeranian started from the Fox.
It may have been the only time you were able to get close, but it was enough to come away with some really beautiful pictures. Well done.
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