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Sneaky Husky caught shoplifting from dollar store (VIDEO)

Zoesnow_thumb By MissT | December 06, 2013 | Comments (10)


When pig ears, beef bones and some packets of dog treats went missing from the South Carolina Dollar General store on Wednesday, employees checked their surveillance cameras and found the culprit - Cato, a Husky who lives nearby.

Cato usually lounges on the couch and relaxes at home. On Wednesday, he was outside when he got off his leash and made his way to the store.

Store Manager Anastasia Polson told FOX Carolina, "We didn't know it happened because he just snuck in with the customers." But after the thefts happened twice in a few minutes she took a look at the video footage showing Cato sneaking into the store with customers.

"We had to lock the door to keep him from coming back in," laughs Anastasia.

Apparently, Cato took his ill-gotten gains and was burying them behind the neighboring car wash. When Cato was returned to his owner, Holly Darden, police told her it was their "best arrest ever".



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Comments on this Article

please listen to the last part of the story the dogs been runnning all over town on a regular basis
Preventing Tragedies...Dogs Hit by Cars | The Pets Perspective Blog blogger.thepetsperspective.com/preventing-tragedies-dogs-hit-by-cars/
awesome dog,hey don't judge the owners at least they got something to brighten up their day :3
I think that is cute and funny and also for the people who are saying that the owner should be careful and clearly to me it seems like y'all did not read the whole thing it clearly says and I quote "that the dog got off its leash" so stop the nonsense and quit judging the owner ok cause dogs are very smart but they do know they way home.
Please take better care of your dog. Don't let him wander like that. He will get hit by a car or someone will steal him.
As an owner of two huskies and three lovable mutts, I have had an escape or two. They are smart and fast and with my female, if you chase her, she will go to the highway. I have learned to wait on the porch or I literally push her to danger. My male has no interest in going farther than the neighbor to say Hello. Over time, we did learn methods to reduce escape and evasion. I am now an amateur engineer and we walk with harnesses to reduce the much used headslip from collar trick.
"When he roams, I just have to let him go until someone catches him". And then that list of stores he's been spotted in that she goes through at the end of this video? Really? The one time might have been all's well that ends well and cute, but this woman really sounds like she shouldn't have a dog.
It said the dog got off his leash so I don't think they let him just run all over town. Siberian Huskies are very clever and very fast if they get the chance to get away from you. And if you chase them, they're determined to just keep going. I don't know if this gal went looking for him but even if she did she wouldn't see him darting in and out of yards etc. I had one and had to bail him out of doggy jail once myself, and I had a very secure back yard - high fence, no holes, solid gates, secure latches. She's lucky tho there wasn't a trigger happy cop that shot him, like so many seem to automatically do these days.
why would you think its funny that your dog is on the streets?,....you just let him run until someone returns him?...this is sad....please give him to someone who is mature enough to own a dog.......
christmas shopping, but really letting your dog run all over town aint cool.
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