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Boxer puppy happy to meet his baby sister for the first time (VIDEO)

Zoesnow_thumb By MissT | September 28, 2013 | Comments (13)

Brutus the Boxer puppy meets his baby sister Sophia for the first time. His mom, Anitra, said, "Brutus was the best boy in this moment, and he's been a best friend to Sophia ever since."



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Comments on this Article

@starla, if you are so scarred for life maybe you should not be, as you said, "rescuing dogs." Every dog should be introduced to a new baby in their family. You said "I don't believe dogs and babies should be that close in contact,dogs"...so what do you, as a "dog rescuer" suggest, keeping the dog outside until the baby is no longer a baby, or maybe getting rid of the dog? And as far as bacteria--- really? Do you know how much bacteria humans have in their mouth? You sound like you should not really own dogs. You obviously scorn them, think they are dangerous not really part of the family. This family, thank God, thinks otherwise. This video is a beautiful example of how to introduce two FAMILY members. But there is always going to be someone posting their negativity, it never fails.
@Starla My beautiful Labrador was 2 when my daughter was born, so they share everything food, toys, blanket, his bed, her bed you name it. When she came home from hospital he went over to see her and gave her a looong lick, in her mouth of course, she was always a healthy baby and when the other one came the same, he is now 11 and they still share everything, and they are very healthy girls. I think that when you protect a kid a lot, they get sicker and stupid :)
My husband brought home our daughter's hospital blanket (one of them) the first night I was there, so that Baci our Italian Greyhound would become familiar with the smell and perhaps be more welcoming of the newest household member. Italian Greyhounds for the most part have gentle personalities so we weren't too concerned, but each dog has his/her unique qualities. Not a bad idea to be present and monitoring any potential interaction, and that goes either way!
I have 3 dogs; they each have a unique personality. I would trust 2 of them with the baby. The 3rd, not so much. They are all wonderful, loving, loyal dogs... just not all the same. It's very nice to know that this family has a baby safe Boxer; hope for more baby+Boxer vids in the future. =)
@Jane,I have been rescuing dogs for 20 years,they are my life,I love them more then humans,I am loving,and compassionate toward my dogs,and there is nothing I wouldn't do for them,but about 7 years ago,my dog bit my cheek so badly,I'm scarred for life,I had him fr many years after that incident,I will never understand why he did that,he was amazing before and after that....and for that reason,I don't believe dogs and babies should be that close in contact,dogs can be unpredictable at times,even if an owner can't come to terms with that reality...it's also unsanitary for a dog to lick a new borns face,they have a lot of bacteria in their mouths....god bless
Starla, if you have a dislike to dogs around babies then ok. It's your opinion and you are entitled to it. Myself I see no problem if I know the fog and especially if I own it. The 2 small terriers I have now certainly wouldn't be suitable to be around a baby as they are very excitable. I know this so would keep them away. It's all about trust same as with people
Starla: so don't.
I'm sorry,I know I will probably get some hate,but no way would I ever let any dog near my new born,but that's just me though.
MY baby, MY baby! For life, these two will love each other. Wonderful.
This is beautiful. The best way to introduce a new baby to a pet. They are just as much a member of the family as humans are. We did the same thing 32yrs ago when my daughter was born and have done it with any new baby since. All my dogs have been great.
♪♫♫ This could be the start of something good. :0) ♫♫♪♪
Absolutely beautiful! The safe and loving way to introduce a life long friendship. This shows the owners have placed much thoughts into this. Make a wonderful training video. Congrats to the new arrival and the blossoming friendship between the baby and the pooch.
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