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Elephant and dog best friends love playing in the water together (VIDEO)

Zoesnow_thumb By MissT | September 16, 2013 | Comments (10)

Bubbles the elephant and Bella the Labrador Retriever are best friends and have bonded over their love of water. They love to swim and play in the river together. Bubbles wants to spend time with Bella and makes it a game for Bella to climb and jump off her back.  

Bubbles was adopted as an ivory orphan (her parents killed for their ivory by poachers) by Myrtle Beach Safari in 1983.






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Comments on this Article

Absolutely amazing..love knows no bounds :)
about ivory: buy NOTHING ivory or that looks like ivory - not even "antique" or "legal" ivory. ivory is often coloured treated to present a fake patina to make it look old. it is also often passed off as other substances such as "african bone", "jewel wood", "fossilized ivory", "ivory jade", and so on.
Patrick - I think it's "Ortopilot". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7ymDMzF8h4
Who sings this version of the song?
This pooch reminds me of my Bella. She would be just as joyful playing in the water with this baby elephant. Beautiful video. TY for sharing! <3
I agree Darrin, as we take away their habitat, we selfishly think we humans are the only ones who should enjoy this earth but what would the enjoyment be if it were not for the animals around us? I don't think this world would be worth living in without our animals. But, sadly there are poachers of every kind who will do anything for money with not a thought towards what they are doing to living creatures. This video is so wonderful, shows no matter what, if given a chance we could all get along with each other. :0)
They looked like they were really having fun ! What river is that??
I have never bought a product made of ivory and never will. Imagine the sadness, in that moment, on that day when a child looks up and asks, "why are there no more elephants?" Where did all the animals go? How could we ever calculate the size of that loss on the face of forever. When you ask an astronaut that has been in space for an extended period of time what they missed the most on earth, they will always include the grass and the trees with the sounds of birds. As we go through this life adrift in this immense universe, can one imagine the loneliness we would feel if we were the only living thing on this world. If that doesn't give you a sense of the size of the gift that animals represent than nothing will. It's beautiful to see Bubbles and Bella playing in that water. Thanks for sharing.
I love this video. It makes me so happy. I love dogs and I just love elephants for some reason.
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