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Touching reunion when lost dog reunited with owner on Judge Judy (VIDEO)

Zoesnow_thumb By MissT | July 24, 2013 | Comments (8)

A small dog named Baby Boy certainly helped Judge Judy come to a decision, when he ran to his crying owner's side in court. Baby Boy had escaped his backyard and was taken in by a stranger who unwittingly purchased the dog from someone on the street. Baby Boy's original owner and the woman came to Judge Judy to decide who the dog belongs to.




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Comments on this Article

Let the dog pick his owner was the right choice.
I loved the dog's reaction when he first saw his owner, so heart warming! I feel a little sorry for the woman, she got attached the dog but she should've tried to return the dog sooner and save herself some heart ache
Wonderful story! This actually happened to me. My father found a little Shih Tzu in our carport early one morning, woke me up to show me. We live in rural Texas and we are THE dumping grounds for dogs all the time. So I assumed he'd been dumped, but nevertheless, I took him in to the vet, he had no microchip; I checked with the shelter, no reports of a missing dog of his type. No signs in the neighborhood, zero, zip. Long story short, 5 months later, a lady from down the street comes and says I have her dog. I was forced to give him over by the Sheriff. These people had let this dog out to wander in the morning while they went to work. He was covered in asphalt where they had repaved our road; covered in burs and mud and dirt. Money isn't the object, that's not my point, but I spent about 400$ on shots, microchip, worming and a haircut for him. It was going to cost me half of that much just to take her to small claims court, so I left it. He was worth it. He's in the top 3 sweetest dogs I've ever had, and I've had a lot of dogs in my life. Gads, I cried for days and I still think about him all the time. The only good thing to come out of it was that they no longer let him out to roam. I haven't seen a sign of him in about a year now =( Microchip your dogs, people. It's not very expensive and all this could be saved from happening to people.
The lady seems to have gotten attached to this adorable doggie...which means thank goodness he was on good hands....tears for both parties. God Bless them both.
It just goes to show that when you bond with your dog,that bond stays forever strong....as for the woman...well that's the chance she took.
So sad the lady got so attached to the dog---she was a good lady to take care of the dog so well. And I hope that the owner takes the time to thank her for the excellent care of the dog.
It's sad that the lady got so attached but she wouldn't have had she returned the dog to it's owner when she was contacted. I hope she adopts another dog from a shelter where she knows the history, not off the street like she did. I'm glad the dog was returned to its owner, you could clearly see he loves his "human" and his "human" loves him.
She is a fair judge indeed! Hurray for the dog and man finding each other again! <3 The one who purchased the dog should not have held on that dog knwoing the owner had already contacted her. How would she feel if her dog went missing and someone sold it and she found it but the one who bought refused to return it? She can always adopt another dog, one that needs a home! And that dog will surely love her as she seems to be loving person anyway.
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