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Beagle's clever way to steal food (VIDEO)

Zoesnow_thumb By MissT | July 11, 2013 | Comments (2)

Beagle figures out way to get to kitchen counter

Beagles have a reputation for loving to eat and this clever one figured out how to reach the kitchen counter. Her human wrote, "After noticing the chair being moved each time I return home from an outing, I decide to put on a 'spy camera' to find out who moved the chair..."



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Comments on this Article

Another proof that beagles are very smart..my Archie does similar stuff to get food off the dining table when he thinks no one is watching...and not only food...he has a special fascination for hair bands..so keeps a watch as to where we are keeping our stuff and then sneaks them out....and if he can't reach the stuff I am sure he asks his bro Buddy (my lab retriever) to fetch it for him...
If there's a will and the intelligence to do so, there's a way. It makes me wonder if there are people or kids in this family that the dog observed using a chair to reach for things, or did the dog think this through all by himself. The dog also figured out what was the best angle to push the chair from to position the chair in the exact right spot. The dog had also observed were the box of food had been placed. If the dog did do this by himself and had not been trained to do this, it shows the dog has very good problem solving skills. Even if the dog had been trained to do this, the direction he chose to push the chair from shows that he thought the problem through to the end. He preconceived how the chair needed to be placed to achieve his goal. Smart dog.
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