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Meet an adorable puppy born with a mustache (PHOTOS)

Zoesnow_thumb By MissT | June 24, 2013 | Comments (3)

A puppy was born with facial hair very similar to a mustache

"Meet Inigo Montoya. Born in the middle of Movember, and rocking that handlebar from day one," writes his guardian on Reddit.

Monty sports a mustache

Monty's guardian going by the alias peach_and_garlic_pie reveals that his parents are both "short and fluffy mixed breeds".

Monty sports a mustache

Monty sported the 'stache since he was a week old.

Monty sports a mustache

As he grows, Monty is sure to be as dashing as his namesake, the fictional character in William Goldman's 1973 novel The Princess Bride.






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Comments on this Article

Maybe you're right Darrin, hope so. I hate to think people "doctor" photos up, especially on this kind of post. :0)
Oh I don't know Senior Lass I think it's real. As you look at your computer screen the first three photos show the right side of his face and the last photo shows the left side of his face. My last dog had what looked like a thin mustache. One time while visiting with relatives my uncle was playing with my dog. He was a big burly tall man with a closely cropped thin mustache. There was a large group of us together when my uncle and my dog looked up at us together, they both had the same mustache. Needless to say a lot of laughing ensued. Cute little pup.
Don't know if I believe this one - the bottom pictures don't seem to jive. One has the moustache just past his mouth, last picture has it going all the way to his ears. Don't think that's possible. Hope it's not a dye job or magic marker ... :0(
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