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Dog thought to be driving speeding car pulled over by police

Zoesnow_thumb By MissT | May 10, 2013 | Comments (1)

Police pulled a speeding car aside after seeing a dog at the wheel

German traffic police pulled over a speeding vehicle and were relieved to discover it wasn't a dog driving the car. When traffic officers looked at a speed gun photo taken near Aschaffenberg, Bavaria, it first appeared that a dog was at the wheel.

"Of course they quickly realized this was not the case but the man was driving at 88kph in a 70kph zone so he was stopped," Officer Zimmer told the Local.

The dog got off without a fine, but his owner was not as lucky and was charged 30 euros for speeding. Lower Franken regional police were so amused by the incident they later wrote about it in their press release. The dog supposedly said: "If you let me sit at the wheel, police will take one look at my puppy dog eyes and let you off for speeding."

As funny as the incident was, Officer Zimmer said it is against the law to have a dog loose in a car and that they should be secured. Zimmer added, "It was funny, but dogs do have a habit of jumping around. In a car, that could have hurt both himself and his owner."



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