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Clever dog knows how to use toilet (VIDEO)

Zoesnow_thumb By MissT | May 03, 2013 | Comments (8)

When this dog "goes to the bathroom", she really does!





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Comments on this Article

Kind of gross if he takes a shit at night and you go in, don't bother turning the light on due to having one on in the hall and he left a piece of shit on the toilet seat. In the video you can see it hit the toilet seat and go in.. guess you'd have to clean it off everyday.. how does this make it any more convenient then just picking it up outside?
LOL.... great training..... Like the others say.... may be harder for the dog as she gets older... Why not make a big platform for her to get on with stairs and then that way she doesn't feel a bit of a struggle to get on top of the toilet ... it looks like to me that she is a bit afraid of falling into the toilet.... but great job on making her go to the bathroom using the toilet.. I would love it if my dog did that.. but he would fall into the toilet. He's a chihuahua... would not make it BUT BUT... my dog does something most would find funny and maybe for some ... it is gross but....... he does take a dump in the bathroom ..... not in the toilet but.. at least it is in the bathroom and its easy to clean up so I don't mind it as much as some might find it shocking LOL... it is funny because he did it on his own. I did not train him to do that. Oh well *laughs* Close enough eh? Good job on your dog... beautiful dog too.. really smart... I love how the dog can flush... really good .. smart dog! (yes I have puppy pads so it's easier to clean up don't worry) :)
Great idea but the poor dog has trouble getting up there, imagine when it gets older ... Maybe they could use a little kid toilet, I know my dog would never make it up there. I guess there wouldn't be any more clean-up than some humans leave ... lol :O)
That's awesome! That dog's owner has already generated lots of business!
wow!!!! how did you do that! great training, amazing dog!
can you see this dog doing this when its 14yrs old dont think so lol
Can't you just hear it now? Alright who peed on the toilet seat! When they finally teach her to talk I will bet that the first words she will say will be- get out of here with that camera! A little privacy please? Humans!
Wow is all I can say. Not sure how that poop actually curved into the toliet. Great training!
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