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Sad dog mourns passing of her beaver friend (VIDEO)

Zoesnow_thumb By MissT | April 27, 2013 | Comments (16)

Bella grieves for Beavis, her beaver friend

Bella cries next to her beaver friend, Beavis. She lays by his side and waiting for her friend to wake up. The pair were companions for "quite a while", before the beaver passed away. Apparently, the pair played ball together, shared living quarters, ate together. YouTube user Jack BDead wrote, "They lived and loved together for quite a while. Beavis died this morning, and Bella has been in mourning for hours."



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Comments on this Article

@ Susan, Marie, and Michelle - Animals understand death, and mourn. Why do you feel it's cruel of the dog's owners to allow her time to say goodbye? Elephants, chimps, some birds, and certainly humans gather around their dead loved ones to say goodbye, why shouldn't Bella? I had a 17-year-old cat who died at home. I let the other pets come say goodbye - a couple took a sniff and walked off; my Shih Tzu was fond of her, and sat with her body for a while. I wasn't being cruel. My pets love, play, fear, wonder, and desire - why wouldn't they also mourn?
I have to agree, that was cruel leaving the beaver there. Poor Bella, she should not have had to suffer like that.
I agree 100% with Susan B., the first commenter. They deliberately left the deceased Beavis lie there so they could shoot video of the poor Bella grieving. If they had buried Beavis when they first realized he had died it would not have completely stopped Bella's mourning but she would have not laid there crying...waiting for her friend to wake up. I personally think that was cruel.
This video is so sad. You can tell that Bella really misses her friend. That said, I do not see why the jerk videotaped this sad scene for OVER 6 minutes! It is cruel. I only watched a minute or so of the video. I fast forwared the rest of the video and saw that the rest was just exploitation of Bella' s grief. It is not any different than ghouls taping a fatal car accident with the survivors in shock while the deceased is visible and post in on YouTube. Like the asshole "photographers" that caused the accident that took the life of HRH Princess Diana. Exploiting the misery of Bella is deplorable. If this is the way they treat their animal companions, then they do not deserve to have any. I wonder how he would deal with what I assume to be his daughter? To quote Dennis Miller"That is just my opinion, I could be wrong."
that made me cry! poor bella! maybe her family can get her another friend !
I cant bear watching more than two minutes of this video , it made me cry. poor baby is heartbroken.
Never underestimate either the maternal instinct of a dog or their capacity to love. Little Bella and her friend Beavis came to enjoy each others company on a level that perhaps we cannot understand. Perhaps they found a simple understanding that it is better to be together than alone. Maybe Beavis reached out to Bella because of loneliness and Bella liked to play, but after a while that changed to friendship and a social dependency. Poor little Bella only time will soften the loss.
...just about the saddest thing i ever saw in my life..
so sorry Bella! your family will help you heal <3
So sad ... poor Bella, knows her friend is gone. What an amazing relationship, a beaver and a dog!!! Who would ever have thought that would happen? You can sure tell Bella is the only one concerned about Beavis' death, the other two dogs are oblivious. Bella wanted her "humans" to sympathize with her, everyone needs comfort in times of sorrow. Hope she recovers quickly. I've heard and seen stories where the dog will go an lie on the grave of his/her loved one. People who think animals don't have feelings are lacking in some themselves I believe... :O(
Poor Bella..... so sorry for your loss, I hope you getting better soon~~
How did the beaver die? Bella was licking a bald spot on its side. Did someone shoot it? Poor baby
oh, poor bella. i hope she finds another companion when she's ready.
awww he is audibly sad! He is whining... poor Bella!
This was so sad, she was actually crying which made me cry poor pooch :-(
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