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Shiba Inu enjoys a soak in the tub with rubber duckies (VIDEO)

Zoesnow_thumb By MissT | March 13, 2013 | Comments (14)

Shiba Inu relaxes in the tub with rubber duckies

Kinako the Shiba Inu enjoys taking baths. According to her guardian, the elderly dog's skin gets irritated every now and then, so she is given a relaxing bath to soothe her condition. The rubber duckies just add to the overall adorableness!



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Comments on this Article

I love this! They either love bath time, or hate bath time. This little one obviously loves it. Too cute
What an adorable video. How sweet of her owner to take such good care of her and her skin. She seems so happy in her little special bath, duckies and all. Just adorable! I hope her condition improves and if not, that she at least continues to enjoy these wonderful baths.
Hello....excuse me.....the dog was given a bath to help soothe her irritated skin.... For all of those who "feel uneasy" watching this video....please get a grip on reality!!....The dog calmly walks into the tub without even the slightest bit of resistance... What in the world ha happened to common sense in today's world?!?
if the is warm i bet it feels good on her bones
Lip licking can also mean "I have water on my face because I'M IN A TUB." All the other dog's body language is relaxed and comfortable. Don't be a judgemental asshat. You are not the dog whisperer.
If she was uncomfortable with anything, it was probably the fact that her owner kept putting the damned duck on her head. I know if I were trying to relax, I wouldn't wanna be trying to balence a duck on my head.
I don't think that if the dog were uncomfortable with the situation, she wouldn't have voluntarily stepped into the tub and sat down in the water. Any dog uncomfortable with a bath would run and hide or do everything in their power to avoid it. This also has to do with all ages, so don't try to tell me she wasn't fighting back b/c she was elderly. Fi and Zoe, while lip licking is one of the signs of stress in a dog, it is also a sign of being content.
I have a small Jack Russell that come bath time can alternatively suddenly cling to whatever surface she's laying on or stretch herself wide enough not to fit through a door!
That is soo adorable :D
When I give my dogs a bath they get even with me by making sure that I am just as wet as they are. My dog Indy is particularly fascinated with the hand held shower wand, which can make it very difficult to wash both ends of him. Sometimes after he has been dried off and brushed, he will find some mud and roll in it. He likes to smile at me after he does this. Ya just gotta love him.
My dogs lick like that when they are uncomfortable and not happy. I did feel a little uneasy watching that video; I'm not sure that's a dog who enjoys that bath experience...
Also, Fi, dogs lick there lips when they are relaxed and feeling good, licking of the lips is how the Vet could tell when the acupuncture was working relieving hip pain with my GSD.
Fi, this is a social network, so anyone can post whatever they want about their dogs. What do the admins have to do with what their members post? I'm sure that if you post the most innocent video or photo of your dogs, someone like you will come along to criticize it. This dog looks happy to me, and there are a lot of dogs and videos out there that can show you what an unhappy dog in a bath looks like. This isn't one of them.
I don't understand why videos like this are posted on a site for dog lovers. Do the administrators of Dog Heirs not know that repeated lip licking means the dog is uncomfortable with what is happening or with something around it. This is not a happy dog enjoying it's bath, this is a dog who has clearly been ordered to lie down (hence the break in the video) and is not happy doing so.
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