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Arnold the Pitbull and Dearheart the Chihuahua, BFFs need a home

Zoesnow_thumb By MissT | January 04, 2012 | Comments (1)

Arnold and DearHeart are a pitbull and chihuahua pair that are looking for adoption through the Bill Foundation in Santa Monica, California. 

Arnold was left behind after his family had lost their home. For almost a month he wandered his neighborhood streets and deserted home looking for them while slowly starving. He was finally brought to Bill Foundation by a concerned neighbor. By that time he was already severely traumatized and sad and had a very difficult time adjusting. He was constantly terrified, anxious of being left alone and was so frightened by his experience that being left anywhere had become too scary for him and he began actually hurting himself in an effort to escape crates and kennels.

Dearheart was saved from death row by Bill Foundation. The 4 pound chihuahua had been through an ordeal himself, and was brought into a foster home to help with socialization and confidence building. It just so happened that this foster home was also Arnold's, and when the two met, they became instant buddies. And their personalities and attitudes have been transformed.

Now, if you want to take Arnold for a walk, all you have to do is pick up Dearheart and start moving. Arnold will follow closely, hopping on his hind legs to keep an eye on his buddy as he is carried. When Arnold rolls over in his sleep, Dearheart picks himself up and daintily maneuvers around Arnold’s paws, so he can adjust and nuzzle up to the velvety soft nose of his big best friend.

Bill Foundation has mandated that the two dogs not be separated under any circumstance. So if you know of a good home for the pair contact the Bill Foundation. I really hope Arnold and Dearheart get adopted soon.

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