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Police Dog's "Witness Statement" gets British cops in trouble

Zoesnow_thumb By MissT | February 20, 2013 | Comments (5)

"Witness Statement" from police dog
"PC Peach's Witness Statement". Photo from Twitter

A British police dog "wrote" a Witness Statement after prosecution officials made repeated demands for "PC Peach" to submit a witness statement. Crown Prosecution Services, an agency that prosecutes criminal cases in England, insisted on a police report from the canine. When the dog's handler tried to correct the agency's mistake, telling them there was only "PD Peach", which stands for "Police Dog" the correction went unheeded.

Police dog with West Midlands PoliceAccording to the Telegraph UK, the officer with the West Midlands Police became fed up by the repeated demands for a statement and wrote a document including an inked paw print signature. The statement read: "I chase him, I bite him, Bad man, He tasty, Good boy, Good boy Peach.”

What was meant as a joke has gotten the cops into a bit of trouble after a picture of the statement made its way onto social media and spread virally. 

News outlets have reported that the public posting angered members of the Crown Prosecution Service and their complaints have begun an investigation into the incident.  DCI Julian Harper, from West Midlands Police, told Huffington Post UK: "The Professional Standards Department are looking into this, early enquiries suggest it is a light-hearted exchange as a result of a misunderstanding around a police dog and a police officer. The matter will be investigated."



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Comments on this Article

The Crown Prosecution Service should have recognized their mistake, and then sent out a request for face to face meeting with Police Constable Peach. So they could hear his side of the story in his own words. Wolf wolf.
What happened to the Brits good humor. They have always liked a good joke. I guess the prosecution officials don't like being made to look like asses.
I agree with Ana D. Cruz...Good Boy,,Good Boy Peach ;)
If they'd paid attention when the dog's handler tried to correct their mistake, that would have ended the matter. But no, they had to keep on adding mistake after mistake, so he gave them what they were asking for! I see no reason for any investigation - use a little common sense, people!
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