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Rescued Pit Bull puppy does the most adorable things while hanging out with his big brothers (VIDEO)

Zoesnow_thumb By MissT | January 29, 2013 | Comments (36)

a pit bull puppy has joined a rescue

Bandit wants to hang out with the big boys. When he sees one of his new "big brothers" on the treadmill, he just has to follow in his footsteps.

Bandit is the newest member of Peace Love and Pitbull, a 501c3 non-profit that rescues, trains and places Pit Bulls in Las Vegas. 

bandit after his treadmill adventures
Bandit after his treadmill adventures. Photo: Facebook


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Comments on this Article

Oh well, at least he knew when to rest; that was a workout just trying to get a workouT!
I just love this video! He is a little trooper that wants to be like his big brother. Thank you so much for sharing...it made my day.
LOLOLOL - dog be like "seriously!???? you wanna come get this kid!??"
I laughed so hard at that little one. I did get alittle nervous when his little paws got close to the edges, but there is someone right there, right? He was not giving up for nothing! I loved the one paw movement on the belt, lol. he was determined!
People commenting on the leash thing need to calm down. There's at least one person in the room with them. Some dogs stay on the leash until they get used to it, later on they can be off the leash. I loved to see how the other dogs were protective/parent-like towards the puppy. All of them CUTE! Thanks for taking care and rehabilitating them. <3
Fun seeing this one again. I'm with those who confirm that someone should be with any animal when it's on a treadmill, especially if it's tethered to it. It's great exercise but must be supervised at all times. This was posted in Jan 30, 2013 - pup's all grown up now, it would be fun to see him on the treadmill again. :0)
all hail to cesar milan, but i find looking at dogs on tread mills (humans on tread mills even :) however, this pup is adorable! and smart! look at him sit and pause, as if trying to figure this all out! made me smile and giggle a lot :) and there's an aww moment when one female helps him up
Oh, this was just adorable and got a big laugh out of my husband and I! :)
I love that little pup...I laughed my ass off. Some of you need to relax and quit making everything you see a major issue.
I got a kick outta this. So cute. He had a blast and the song fit perfectly. He wouldn't give up. "Just a dog with his will to survive." I know it doesn't say "dog" and it says "man" but it sounds better for the situation.
Thanks for clarifying the leashing/treadmill issue; I had no idea it was used as a therapy. Great idea! This was such a cute vid, but yeah, I was just a little alarmed when I saw the dog was lashed to the tread mill with the little pup running willy-nilly between his legs. Had that been me, I would have been stumbling all over myself!
...this pup was born with a genetic predisposition for FUN!
Wow- did I start that Vicky? lol. I was just wondering since I saw the leash on him if that was typical. Mostly they woould hop on if they wanted to use it. After all that little guy ALMOST had it down pat. He is smart enough I will bet he catches on soon, his little legs and all. haha- very enjoyable to watch, and of course there was someone there holding the camera. I just figured it better not to have a lead attached, a slip could result in him choking quickly.
Lol, this just turns into mud slinging and boisterous opinions. Most people who use the treadmill aren't relying soley on that. I'll just say that my vizsla loves to do it, along with running outside, by the bike, on trails, etc. It is a Godsend when the weather is crap and we have nonstop rain or snow. Go figure, it is what it is.
Made my day... Adorable little munchkin... I am glad they are well taken care of :)
This was my awwwww moment for today. Too sweet. What an adorable pup.
This was my awwwww moment for today. Too sweet. What an adorable pup.
To Cristina, sorry you seem to be getting sort of an attitide with me and I don't really know why. Did you actually read what I wrote??? I am the one defending the actions here with the dogs on the treadmill. Did you not notice that? I am trying to explain to the others who expressed concern that yes, there was someone in the room and I know a rescue group will especially be cafeful. This is what I get in return lol. Thanks, didn't know a camera couldn't operate on its own ha ha. Sorry you took it that way once again, hope you have a great day.
To Vicky Simpson. They weren't unattended. There was somebody holding the camara. Or do you think it moves on its own?
Seriously, no responsible dog owner will leave the dog unattended on a treadmill. Most people who do this are responsible enough to stay with the dog and make sure they aren't over doing it. This is actually a pretty common practice for a lot of dog owners now, it really helps take the edge off. It's sometimes used as a form of rehab (eg physical therapy). I'm sure a rescue group will be especially vigilant to their dogs.
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