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Former stray cat lovingly guides blind dog

Zoesnow_thumb By MissT | December 28, 2012 | Comments (8)

a tomcat acts as a guide to a blind dog

A formerly stray cat has become a "guide cat" to a blind dog named Terfel. Pwditat the cat arrived unannounced at the home of Judy Godfrey-Brown in Wales, UK one day.

"One night a tomcat arrived here. He just stood there outside my front door and looked at me as to say: 'I want to be a house cat'," Judy told the Daily Post.  The cat went straight to Terfel and instinctively seemed to know the 8-year-old dog was blind.

Judy, 87, said Pwditat led the blind dog out of his basket and into the garden. She has been helping Terfel get around ever since.

a tomcat acts as a guide to a blind dog
Terfel and Pwdita. Photo: Wales News Service

The retired civil servant said, "I took Terfel home after a man came to the charity shop I was working in and said his landlady wouldn’t take dogs. More recently he became blind from cataracts." She added, "The cat knew there was something wrong with the dog." The affectionate pair are now inseparable. "They seem to be glued to each other," Judy said. "They sleep together and now Pwditat has become Terfel’s guide."

A cat acts as a guide to a blind dog



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Comments on this Article

What a wonderful story! Pwdtat is God's answer to Terfel's need! <3 both them god bless><3
Awwwww. A kitty sent from heaven to lead a blind dog. That's what I think it is.
A beautiful and heart warming story. As Terfel is only 8 yrs old it would be wonderful if he had his cataracts removed. It's a relatively simple op.
Animals have more compassion for each other than humans do. Get a clue, human race!
Beautiful! Proves that animals have wonderful instincts and loving hearts. Humans could learn much from these marvelous creatures!
awesome! Very uplifting story.
Like God guided the cat to the blind dog to make his life happier. Love it!!
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