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Rarest dog in the world photographed in the wild

Zoesnow_thumb By MissT | December 04, 2012 | Comments (3)

Rare New Gunea Singing Dog
A rare New Guinea Singing Dog was seen by a group on an adventure trek on Western New Guinea Island. Photo: Tom Hewitt

Tom Hewitt, who runs an adventure company in Papua New Guinea was out on an expedition when the group encountered the rarest dog on earth. Tom managed to take a photograph of the New Guinea Singing Dog. This may only be the second time the canine has been photographed in the wild in the last 25 years.

The ancient dog has the nickname "stone age dog", and they may be older than Australian dingos. There are 100 in captivity worldwide and it is unknown how many are in the wild.

Tom Hewitt, who has been living and working in SE Asia for the last ten years, is now based in Sabah and Sarawak from where he runs Adventure Alternative Borneo.  He was trekking with a group up the Star Mountains of Western New Guinea Island when they spotted the secretive singing dog.

Said Tom, "We watched it for around 15 minutes as it continued to watch us. It seemed as curious as we were but not particularly scared or nervous. What stood out was how healthy it looked upon closer examination with binoculars."

Tom's sighting is the first in the region. The rare dogs often live in remote, high elevations. They have an unusual reddish coat and are known for an ability to climb trees.

Rare New Guinea Singing Dog

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Comments on this Article

What is wrong with Humans that they have to take anything beautyful out of their habitat and destroy it . It is not the rarest dog anymore if there is already hunderts of them being bred and are in Zoos . Why is it that we have to destroy everything . The Movie Avatar showed it pretty clearly . We are destroying this world and all the beauty that comes with it . Not everything has to be exploited . Leave the world alone as it is .
I hope the environment where they live is respected and protected. It's nice to see this dog free in its natural environment. I wish we knew their numbers in the wild, it would be such a shame if a beautiful dog like that became extinct.
Please, please keep this species in the wild where it belongs. We have enough domesticated dogs that we don't take care of as it is. This a beautiful animal that is healthy and happy where it is, let's not spoil it. Thanks for sharing!!! :0)
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