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Cute puppy demands a hug (VIDEO)

Zoesnow_thumb By MissT | August 29, 2012 | Comments (15)

adorable lab/retriever puppy

At just seven weeks old, Chloe the Labrador Retriever/Golden Retriever mix may be having a temper tantrum (according to her owner), but that just makes me want to give her a big hug even more!



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Comments on this Article

I said this in Aug. 2012 and I'll say it again ... That's no temper tantrum! That's a "give me some loving" howl. I mean, come on ... it's just a BABY! All babies need to be cuddled, in fact, all humans need a little cuddle now and then...
Hahaha. Is he an itchy labrador or the BIG BAD WOLF?
she is a baby lodry how can any one be so cold she is crying as is used to the warmth of her mum and other babies and now she is all alone probably very confused i bet if the person filmed again but picked her up and held her close with a blanky she would stop immedietly jeeez pups and grown dogs need to be touched and held too they are NOT an ornament or a trophy !
Glad my test is working! Our animals can easily tell us what this tiny pup is trying to communicate..... Otherpet owners, play the Chloe tape and tell us your pets reaction.....
I played this for my dog, and he perked up and looked at me with concern, he thought I was making the sound, and proceeded to come over and lick my hand, then turned around, went and got a toy that we play with together a lot (i think he believes it is my favorite) and then he brought it to me and set it on my lap. As i type this he has still not left my side, and is laying by my feet, occasionally looking up to make sure i'm ok.
This pup reminds me of my sweet girl, Jasmine. She was one of a litter of pups from an overbred bitch. The old lady who owned them was senile but the RSPCA would do nothing. Anyway, eventually, the dogs were taken away, but not before my girl had been taken from the mother too early. I think she was about eight weeks.In the two weeks before we took her, she had had three different homes and been left on her own a lot. She was a sweet loving girl but always very insecure. So we took her mostly everywhere and my mum & dad babysat if we had to do something without her! We had her nine wonderful years before she died - she had cancer as a result of being overbred -grrr! This little one brought it all back; I really miss my baby!
Sorry for typos, trying to type with stylus while walking around on back deck observing dog behavior. Everyone try ny test....play video for sound for your pets, dogs, cats, etc., see if they all hear " acute distress" " missing Mommy" in this tape. Best proof that separating pups too soon is traumatic....PTSD for dogs!
Played the tape 15 minutes ago for visiting neighor dog, 3+, male, Shetland Sheepdog. Same hysterical reaction...running around, barking and crying, looking for the " lost baby" signal being given out! Don't want to belaor the point here, but where is Mom dog? If she ould ot feed all of her pups, or something happened to her? How are you subtituting for her? Pups should ty with adults at are minimum 12 weeks...hardly time to learn how to be a dog.......
no, it is no tantrum, she is calling for her litter mates or her mum. Poor baby!
Even my old female could tell that those were real cries of distress. I wanted to gauge Annie's reaction to the sound quality first, to see how accurate it was, and Annie went crazy, ran all around the house, looking for the " BABY".....that's why I asked where's Mom dog? Puppy is way too young to be separated even for say, half hour, from mates...needs constant reassurance and even body warmth and heartbeats for comfort. So, owner, where's Mom dog? If you rescued this puppy this young, you'd better do a lot of imprinting and vet research to start a puppy out without a dog parent to teach it how to be a og!
Temper tantrum?!!("according to her owner") That assessment is beyond absurd. I seriously question the owner's competance and even rudimentary understanding of how to care for a dog--especially a 7 week old puppy. What's gonna happen when (what should be) the cute, cuddly stage wears off?
that is a plaintive request to be lifted down off of the high structure(ie: couch or bed) that someone placed this baby on!!! would you put your human infant up there & film it crying for help because it was afraid to hurt itself getting down without your assistance??? common sense please...
My Annie, female 12+ years old, just woke up, went crazy hearing this little one's cries! Hope Mom is still around!
that puppy is tired and missing her litter mates! give her a cuddle! xxx
That's no temper tantrum! That's a "give me some loving" howl. I mean, come on ... it's just a BABY! All babies need to be cuddled, in fact, all humans need a little cuddle now and then...
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