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Lioness rescues her cub from dangerous cliff-side

Zoesnow_thumb By MissT | August 13, 2012 | Comments (24)

This animal rescue is so incredible, I had to share it with all the animal lovers here. Wildlife photographer Jean-Francois Largot was in Kenya's game reserve in Masai Mara. While there he witnessed a lioness rescuing her cub after the baby animal fell down a river gully. He took an amazing sequence of photographs showing the strong motherly love these big cats have for their young.

lioness saves her cub

The tiny cub can barely keep his footing on the side of the vertical cliff. His cries for help were heard by his mother and the lion pride. They arrive at the edge and peer down over the side. Several lions tentatively try to step over the steep ledge to help. 

lioness saves her cub

But it's the cub's mother who manages to work her way down the sheer cliff to her baby.

lioness makes her way to her trapped cub

His mother protectively goes underneath him, before picking him up with her mouth.

lioness makes her way to her trapped cub

She miraculously scrambles up the side of the crumbling clay wall.

lioness grabs cub and makes her way up cliff

Finally at the top, she gives the cub a mother's touch. A lick on the head as way of kiss and clean at the same time.

lioness cleans her rescued cub


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Comments on this Article

Humans have so much to learn from animals.
I would like to know where to buy the poster sized of those beautiful pictures and to see those pictures in a calendar form to celebrate Mother's Day :-)
Thats beautiful! <3
That is totally awesome. It brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing those pictures.
Great story, wonderful pictures! A mother's love shows no boundries.
Great Momma!!! :)
Amazing shots Jean Francois Largot, Thank you for sharing them with us. You are performing a great public service.
Thank you for letting us see this. Bless animals' instinct and what we don't realize is actual love...
Thank you for letting us see this. Bless animals' instinct and what we don't realize is actual love...
Aww.. Love it.. So sweet and beautiful
How beautiful! When you see something like this, it's hard to imagine how some people can make a living out of allowing lions / lionesses to be hunted for SPORT, but this is what I recently found! Please click on this petition to find out more, and sign, and SHARE with your networks so we stop this kind of thing! TQ! http://www.theperfectworld.com/petitions/item/23-hunting-giraffe-safari-price-$3800-help-us-stop-this-madness#signpetition
Just Great photo's Animal's are truley wonderful
We humans are the inferior species.... This proves it.... Thank you for sharing. Thank you for sharing....
I love animals!
That was beautiful...thanks for sharing!
The love between a mother and her child are so great. There is nothing a mother wouldn't do for her child to keep it safe. This is just amazing and so beautiful that the pack was trying to help this cub.
But that was beautiful though. Mothers are amazing!
So amazing
Simply Beautiful ;)
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