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Adopted dog of Olympian Michael Phelps to learn how to swim

Zoesnow_thumb By MissT | August 06, 2012 | Comments (1)

Michael Phelps and his dogs
Photo courtesy of Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps swam into the history books this week when he won gold at the Olympics in London, bringing his tally of medals to 22, an all time record for an athlete. When he's not training, the Olympic swimmer enjoys hanging out with his two best friends - his dogs Herman and Stella. He says his English Bull Dog Herman is one of the laziest dogs he's ever met. But when Michael is out of the pool, the pair are 'sympatico' with each other and enjoy relaxing and lazing around together. 

Phelps and Herman lazing on the couch
Photo courtesy of Michael Phelps

Stella, a shelter dog, joined Michael's family last November, when Michael made an appearance on the Bow to Wow segment of NBC's Today show, which helps shelter dogs find forever homes. He met the Catahoula mix named Penelope, and after going for a short walk with her, he decided to adopt her and renamed her Stella.

Michael's mom recently told TODAY.com that Stella will learn how to swim soon, maybe once the Olympics are over.

Stella is ready for her swimming lesson
Stella is ready for her swimming lesson. Photo courtesy of Michael Phelps

With the Olympics wrapping up, the most decorated Olympian of all time will have more time to spend with his dogs now that he has officially retired from the pool.

herman is ready for his swimming lesson
Herman is ready for his swimming lesson too. Photo courtesy of MichaelPhelps

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