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Dog jinxed at sport wins hearts not competitions (VIDEO)

Zoesnow_thumb By MissT | July 28, 2012 | Comments (7)

Jinx attempts the obstacle course

You can't help but cheer Jinx the Australian Shepherd on as she takes on the agility course. Whether it's sheer lack of ability or a rebellious streak, she lives up to her name, and jinxes every task. The spectators can't help but shake their heads in wonder and cheer at the same time.

She might not be a champion at the sport, but she wins over our hearts anyway. You go, Jinx!



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Comments on this Article

This is still the funniest videos on agility I've ever seen. Jinx would definitely take home the prize for the worst performance but the entertainment of it all wins hands (paws) down, I said "paws down" Jinx! Never mind.... :O)
LMAO, I really enjoyed that! What a funny dog. Getting stuck in the cloth tunnel did it for me - hahaha!
ROFL!!!! she seriously got lost in a (paper) bag!!!!
She is smart definately... I think she's trying to be comical.... doing things on purpose to make people laugh and especially her mama. I did notice she knew what she was supposed to bring and she would bark at you as if she is saying "Gimme treats then I will fetch for you, but GIMME!!! GIMME!!!!" before giving up and trying.... thinking she can trick you? heh heh... cute beautiful dog..wow... keep working with her. I know in the end she will excel and make people both proud aswell laugh. She has the heart of gold like many dogs (mine aswell)!!!
She gets the prize for taking the absolute LONGEST time EVER going thru the course ... too funny! She's so adorable, I would have to curtail the barking tho. She knows EXACTLY what Mamma wants but she's going to do it in her own time.
She is beautiful! She is just too smart for her own good, lol loved this! Go Jinx!
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