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Loving cat cuddles sick dog (VIDEO)

Zoesnow_thumb By MissT | July 27, 2012 | Comments (20)

We all need friends to make us feel better when we're sick. Zeke's guardian explains he wasn't feeling so well after he broke out in hives because of his allergies to certain grasses. He had just gotten home from the vet when Winston the cat decided to take care of him and give him a cuddle.


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Comments on this Article

Now that is precious!
Inter-species Graeco-Roman wrestling! I'd rate a win for the pussy-cat. Very cute.
Precious!!! Love the end where he just snuggles down and goes to sleep on top of pup and pup doesn't bat an eye. :O)
Awwwwwww melt my heart
Awwwwwww melt my heart
Awwwwwww melt my heart
Aside from the licking, the cuddling is amazing!
all that attention the cat is paying to the ear - did the vet check for ear infection? my dog does that - doesn't matter who it is, family, friend, stranger, human, canine, cat, whatever, he zeros in on areas that are not healthy. so far, he's detected yeast infections on dogs, ear infections (humans and dogs), uterine infection (his akita mix playmate), diabetic reaction (a guest's blood sugar was going through the roof and his attention to her crotch was mortifying; the fourth or fifth time i had to drag him away, i asked her as delicately as i could if perhaps she had a medical condition. she said "why, yes - i have diabetes" and i then suggested she check her blood sugar which turned out to be too high), hypertension (he acts like a squirrel on crack and does figure-8s over and over), and IBS.
I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That's pretty amazing. Obviously a little non-verbal communication going on here, but the cat picked right up on the fact that the dog was in distress and moved in to attempt to alleviate some of the stress the dog was under, and it was evidently successful from the looks of it. The puppy looked pretty relaxed, either that or the Vet gave it some fairly decent drugs.
Se sweet.......only animals can do this.........
awwwwwwwww...now dats too cute!!
Oh...How is the puppy doing now???
What a sweetheart!!!! And the puppy looked quite happy for the gesture.
Sweet kitty, taking care of his doggy friend - absolutely precious!
The old nurturing gene kicking in, too precious. Willing to double up on furballs to give this little doggie some loving...haha! And the doggie doesn't seem to mind a bit. SWEET!
That is so sweet !!
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