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Bloodhound puppy gets comfy on couch (VIDEO)

Zoesnow_thumb By MissT | July 18, 2012 | Comments (7)

Bloodhound gets comfy on couch

Magnus just wants to get comfortable! His guardian says Mangus "shows the world that bloodhounds truly ARE made of rubber".



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Comments on this Article

I saw this video a few days ago and have saved it as one of my favourites, each time I watch it I laugh. I had a rough night last night...couldn't sleep because yesterday was 3 months since my dog passed away from cancer. This morning has been rough too, but this video makes me laugh every time because it was something that Oz would do as a puppy....twist and turn and fall off the couch then get back up and do it again. Thanks for sharing.
He is just too precious!! Thank you for the smiles!
what a little goofball!!!
I laughed way harder than his Mamma, that is too funny and he almost looked like the more Mamma laughed, the more he clowned around. Love it!
He is too funny. I loved watching this!
He is just adorable !!
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