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Bouncy dog enjoys tall grass (VIDEO)

Zoesnow_thumb By MissT | July 13, 2012 | Comments (1)

Keeping an eye on your dogs when they play in a field of tall grass can be a challenge, unless one happens to be Megan the Lurcher...



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Foxtail grasses can be lethal to dogs

Foxtails are grasses with seed awns that are extremely dangerous to dogs. Foxtail awns are barbed, razor-sharp needles, designed to burrow into the ground with the seed. However, they can also burrow through a dog's skin and enter soft tissue where they can cause serious injury, infection and death. Foxtails are found most often on wild barley grasses and grow to be 2 to 5 feet in height and have a top with hairlike needles...
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Homeless man risks his life to save pet he calls his child

John Byrne is a well known and liked man who lives on a bridge in Dublin, Ireland and keeps two pets: a Jack Russell Terrier and a rabbit. They are his companions and rarely leave his side. One evening an 18 year old man decided to commit a horrible act of animal cruelty by stealing John's rabbit and tossing it into the River Liffey. John jumped to the rescue of his beloved rabbit named Barney, and...
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Hypertonicity and Episodic Falling - Symptoms

Overview | Symptoms | Treatment | Management The symptoms associated with Hypertonicity or Episodic Falling, also known as Hyperkinesis, Falling Cavaliers, Collapsing Cavalier Syndrome, Scotty Cramp or Paroxysmal Hypertonicity Disorder are often confused with epileptic seizures. However, Hypertonicity/Episodic Falling can be distinguished by the fact that dogs remain conscious through the event. Hypertonicity/Episodic Falling episodes appear to be triggered by stress, apprehension, excitement and variable periods of exercise. During episodes, affected dogs display increased muscle...
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Dog who has spent 7 years in shelter and was overlooked by 14,000 families finds a home

For an update on Jed see the bottom of this article Since 4-months-old, a lurcher named Jed has lived in a kennel. He arrived at the Dogs Trust as a puppy and is now seven years old, making him one of the animal charity’s longest residents - if not the longest.  The energetic and affectionate dog has been overlooked by around 14,000 potential adopters. The Dogs Trust is now appealing to dog lovers to give...
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Rescued dog and miniature horse are inseparable best friends (VIDEO)

Seven-year-old miniature horse Spanky and his friend Dally, a six-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, were rescued by horse trainer Francesca Carson and have lived together since. Dally always watched Carson and Spanky training and one day she jumped onto Spanky's back. They now perform together and wow audiences with their tricks. 
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