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Woman's happy reunion with her wolf pack (VIDEO)

Zoesnow_thumb By MissT | July 04, 2012 | Comments (7)

Anita spent two years helping this wolf pack socialize with humans. This is their reunion after a two month separation and it's easy to tell how much the wolves missed her. Their greetings are much like those you would get from dogs. Although the wolves are are not considered domesticated, they live at Polar Zoo in Bardu, Norway and socialize with wolf handlers such as Anita regularly so they are used to humans.

Why does she open her mouth to greet the wolves? Apparently, it's classic pack behaviour to greet open-mouthed. It is a normal sign of acceptance amongst dogs in a tightly knit group when higher pack members allow the lowers to lick their mouths in a respectful greeting it allows a way for them to seek bits of food, closing often mean that the behavior is NOT welcome and tension that suggests a warning for the licker to prepare for a fight. 




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Comments on this Article

Napole I think you missed this part: "Although the wolves are not considered domesticated, they live at Polar Zoo in Bardu, Norway and socialize with wolf handlers such as Anita regularly so they are used to humans."
Great and beautiful animals! I respectfully disagree with the domestication of wildlife. Native American indians revere wolves for thousands of years. They did not feel the need to domesticate them. The Natives lived harmoniously with the wolves. So what is problem here?
Laura, that wasn't fighting. that was chastisement of some sort. . . has to do with pack hierarchy, which is why she stayed out of it.
Wonderful to see such love, but why were they fighting each other? and why didn't anyone try to stop it?
simply amazing...WOW !!!
wow wow wow wow wow wow... infinite...
Yes, you can tell they really missed her. I love the wolfy whimpers! And what do I see that made me laugh? The same jealous reaction that I get from my own doggies when they want to be the ONLY one getting attention!!!
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