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My Angel Tess

162664_172293416143553_3094658_n_thumb By Bronwyn | March 15, 2016 | Answers (1)

I keep having this recurring dream. About 8 years ago I had to get my angel Tess euthanized and I was too upset to take her to the vet, so my mum took her for me. as soon as she left I felt so guilty and knew I had made the wrong decision to not be there with her when she passed. Anyway, a few years ago I started having this dream. I dream that im walking down the street or out the front of my house and I see her. she comes running up to me with her tail wagging and runs straight into my arms. I miss her so much! I wake up, and for a few precious minutes I don't think its a dream and I can still feel her here with me.
I was wondering if anybody else has experienced this too.

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That feeling is from having a pet that you really cared about. I had a pet that got sick and before I could get it to a vet it died. I was miserable for some time. I happened to have had the pet for 13 years. It is as depressing as when a human you know dies.
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