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2PRECIOUS pits need home, mom dying

Icon_missing_thumb By Michele Logan-Allen | December 29, 2013 | Answers (15)

I have the most awesome precious pitulls that are loving, sweet, NOT aggressive, very humanized. They are my life. I am terminally ill, my biggest fear is what will happen to them when I die? They must never be seperated. Cartier is 10, Trian is 7-8 (I adopted her in 07). I live near Chattanooga TN. They have a fenced yard (the only reason I bought this house). They sleep in my bed, they don't chew on things, they are amazing about holding it rather than potty in the house. They love children. They do NOT like any negative energy, yelling or arguing. All they know is love. I know my time is very limited and would rest easier knowing they have a loving home. Can somene tell me how to find them a loving good home? PLEASE any assistance in securing them a home before I die would e greatly appreciated. It's hard for me now to just feed them and let them out - besides cancer I have a broken back. These babies are my life, they are precius and I love them more than life. Thank you for any information or assistance you can provide, lessings

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Michele I'm very sorry to hear of your illness and that you won't be able to care for your loved ones... I want you to be aware that there are transport groups of volunteers that can get the pups transported... I believe that the reason people are posting rescue sites to you is because they can share your story to thousands of people just as I have... I myself have your sorry posted to dozens of rescue and shelter pages hoping that someone will take the time to sign up as a member in order to answer your plea.. I did notice that Teresa here has offered a home in Florida. You can get a humane society to do a home visit for you to see if its acceptable and then there are several free transport groups already talking about how they can arrange transport. So you are not limited only to the Chattanooga area. If you would like more information you can email me on Facebook, Wendy card
I hope and pray these dogs have found new homes! Just curious.... Where are all the people that condemned the woman for putting her dog to sleep because she was dieing ..... Here's your chance to redeem yourself and help this woman!
Kathy,you're so right. I just really hope she will find a home for her babies!! My thoughts and prayers go out to her!
I had the same thought, Michele. If it were my girls, I would want a home lined up before I passed away and I believe that is what Michele L-A is trying to do. There are some good no kill shelters out there that would be a last resort. Rescue groups are great if an individual willing to keep them together is not found. But rescue groups may be able to help place them and have the resources to check out potential adopters that individuals don't have.
Why do people keep saying to put them into a shelter? They need a HOME! Wish I could take them but I have 3 dogs already
https://www.facebook.com/DogsAreFamily has had many responses I don't know if this link will work, but try it and see if you can see them. There are offers to take your babies, and lots of prayers for you and the dogs.
Iris White I will be happy to give them a home anytime you are ready I live in vero beach have 2 dogs and a cat all friendly with others I have 10yrs vet references for many dogs I have had and passed away none ever left my home before they were ready I have 20 yr old blind sheltie and 4yr old chi have a fenced in yard and walk them as well praying for you and you find them the home you want them to be in bless you for being the pet owner we should be
My best recommendation is what others are saying - contact breed rescues and no-kill shelters and see what you can do. Best Friends (in Utah) is a huge shelter with a wealth of information so you might call them for some ideas and people to contact. Make sure you have a lawyer who understands and will make sure your dogs get to whatever shelter/rescue you have made your connection with. Good luck and God Bless you, dear. You're in my prayers.
Michele, I sent Pits Happen (Chattanooga group) a message on facebook linking them to this site. You can contact them directly or one of the other in the east TN area. There's been great response on Facebook and I've tried telling everyone to reach out to you on this site. I was your daughter's daycare teacher when she was a baby so I recognized your name immediately. You can send me any info about your babies at vkr92@bellsouth.net and I can get you local/general area rescue info.
Try contacting the Shelby County No Kill Mission in Shelby County, KY. It's not too far from you and they might be able to help. They are a wonderful organization. http://www.shelbycountynokillmission.com/
Contact Hope for Paws. www.hopeforpaws.org a friend of mine shared this and gave the website. Maybe they can help also. Praying for the two babies and you.
It states they are in the Chattanooga, TN area.
You may want to consider Pet Trust, you can find out more on Legal Zoom, even download the forms necessary to make it happen, maybe check out our site at www.pamperedpetva.com to find out more. We wish you the very best in finding the loving care you are seeking for your precious babies, feel free to contact me privately if I can be of any assistance to you and your fur-kids :-) Be Blessed ~
where are these babies!
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