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Name: michael jones
About Me: I am 32 years old from northern Virginia and now live in Appomattox VA with my 2 dogs CoCo & Bruno they are with me 24 hours a day they have 10 acres of area to play I love fishing and trips to anywhere they are Turkish kangal / black lab they are most of the joy In my life .

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this is your comment on the video.. i would like to have your attention please.. if u have read carefully then the written content with the video says that he was killed next morning.. not he was indulged in playing with the dog and wasn't performing his duties.. he was on his duty when he saved the dog.. i would acknowledge your step if you please remove or alter your comment. regards.
I would help a animal any day of the week but in a war zone I might move it to a safer place and try to get back to it but not lose my head over it he was playing with the dog and got head blown off I am sorry if I seem out of place here but a war zone is a call to stay focused and be proactive never let your guard down but I am glad the dog could be sent back to the family that is very touching .
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michael jones


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