Long Hair Vs Short Hair

Do you prefer dogs with long hair or short hair?

Fluffy dogs are undeniably gorgeous and irresistible to pet. However, that long-haired fuzzy ball of cuteness definitely requires much more work to brush, clean and maintain. In addition, long-haired dogs usually shed, so there is much more work involved in home cleaning as well.

Conversely, dogs with short coats can be much easier to groom. But don’t be fooled to think that they don’t shed as well! Dogs with short coats often leave small, needle-like hair everywhere!

Regardless of hair length, dogs are awesome whether they have long, flowing hair, short neat coats or short fuzzy coats from grooming! Click on a photo to vote!

  • Do you prefer dogs with long hair or short hair?

    • Long beautiful hair
    • Short easy coat

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