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Bakersfield Dogs put dow after attacking (Vídeo)

Logo_muralanimal_thumb By Delucca | May 27, 2014 | Comments (0)

Bakersfield Animal Control euthanized 'Scrappy' the lab/chow mix  that attacked Jeremy Triantafilo. After video of heroic Tara the cat went viral -- showing her ninja-body-slamming a dog that's biting 4-year-old Jeremy Triantafilo -- most people agreed the dog should be put down.

created on: 2014-05-27

There was an outpouring of support for the dog and numerous people asked to save him from death row.

'First Look': Cesar Millan wants dog that attacked boy; shelter says no - Producers for dog whisperer Cesar Millan's show Cesar 911 tried multiple times to reclaim the dog fro rehabilitation.

The dog's owner willingly turned the animal over after the incident and is not objecting to it being euthanized. The city could be held liable if it were to release the dog and it then bite someone, said Johnson.

However animal behavior expert Warren Eckstein, radio host of "Warren Eckstein and the Pet Show," said he has reservations if the dog was properly evaluated to see if it could be rehabilitated.

"I would have felt a lot more comfortable only if professionals were able to come in and evaluate the dog and make that decision," said Eckstein.

The radio host said that more than training their dogs, owners need to make sure dogs get exposure and socialized to their environment.  

"Accidents do happen, people need to take more responsibility for their pets," said Eckstein.

Calls have flooded the phones at the Bakersfield Animal Care Center, director Julie Johnson said Friday on "First Look with Scott Cox."

Johnson has been taking calls from rescue operation centers that claim they can change the behavior of the dog. She said Bakersfield Police Department Sgt. Joe Grubbs received a call from dog whisperer Cesar Milan -- but the dog is not being turned over to anyone.

"I get concerned that we are fielding so many calls for this one dog," Johnson said. "I have 200 other dogs that need a home, who haven't bit anyone and make great family pets."

"We need to put our energy into saving other animals who are euthanized because there's not enough room in the shelter, not on a dog who has attacked a child," Johnson said.

Online petitions gathered thousands of people against the euthanization of the dog.

Officials refused to adopt it out. Bakersfield Police representative Sgt. Joe Grubbs told 23ABC the dog was voluntarily surrendered. Letting it be adopted creates a liability for the city.

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