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Name: Mark Pacey
About Me: A dog lover through and through. After losing our much loved Clay on my birthday 2012 we have struggled. My wife and two adult children also feel the pain. My aim is to save as many dogs from suffering as possible. Gods creatures

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Hi friends im from Liberia where people will leave other eatable animals and eat dogs, Im so impress about the love express by all of you. Dogs are men best friend and i feel honor to share my regards and sympathy to all lost dogs owner n encorage you to disregard the lost dog n find another available men best friend (dog) that will understand your every mode. we all have lost our love once but you can continue thinking in the past. life is classify as a stage performance n we all have to leave the arena after performing.
I am sure you will have many good years with nuki2. Cherish every moment please. Our home is in limbo at the moment with me wanting to home another dog, but other family members not yet ready to embrace another after losing Clay 12 months ago. But I sure as hell miss Clay and the love and affection of our canine angels.
my sister once had a german shepherd, her name was nuki she is very loyal, wants to be caressed (esp. her tummy), sleeps beside my sister's bed and wakes her up at 6am daily for her morning milk and sleeps back together after :) at 1 yr. and 2 1/2 mos. we lost her bec. of heartworm and we are all devastated, upon her death, she was waiting for my sister to come home bec. she's not stiff yet, as soon as my sis came she talks to her and we all cried :( that's the time after she said her goodbye, only then she stiffened. She really was waiting for my sis even when she passed. Now, my sister has a new dog he is a mix lab/german shepherd and is now 6 mos. and she name him after her dog...we call him nuki2 :D
So sorry for your loss Mark. Clay is a beautiful dog and he will always be in your heart. He will be waiting for you and your family at Rainbow Bridge, where you will all be together again someday. I always love to think that DOG spelled backwards is GOD and yes they are Gods creatures, and we are very fortunate to have them in our lives.
Thank you for your kind words about Denali.. It's wonderful to have support and understanding from kind people like yourself.. xoxo
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