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My Details

Name: Amy Lee Busa
E-mail: manillegirl7@gmail.com
About Me:

My name is Amy and I am with my beloved Ayako.  We live here in Manila, Philippines. Yeah, we are in a tropical country and Ayako is a Siberian Husky but she is doing fantastically well here. She is four years old and loves car rides and walks in the park with me and my two boys.  She does not like dog food or any food that has anything artificial in it, including flavorings.  She always sniffs any food offered to her first before taking it.  She loves fried chickens and fried or boiled chicken livers/hearts.  She also has a sweet tooth and loves ice cream!!  She's also a coffee thief! She always laps up my coffee when I put my cup down any where she can reach it.  Ayako's fur is beautfully thick but the groomer does trim it down a bit just so when it's shedding time, the fur isnt that bad flying around the house in huge tufts! 

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Hello Miss T. Gosh such a long-time coming reply. Sorry about that. Been too busy with so much! Ayako was the runt of the litter and nobody wanted her so I took her. When I got her, she was not responding to any form of communication and looked really awful and was stinky. So I took her to the vet that day I got her and was told both ears were heavily infected which explained why she wouldn't respond. She could barely hear with the insides of her ears swollen up. The vet cleaned the ears up and put medicine eardrops and prescribed antibiotics for a week. Then the groomer gave her a bath and trim and we both went home. Needless to say, she has been my bestest best friend since. I really never got the chance to ask the humans how they got their huskies but there are lots and lots of them here in the Philippines. Their furs, of course, arent as thick as the ones in the temperate and cold countries but beautiful nonetheless. Ayako has adapted quite well but I also take care that she does not get too hot. She is NEVER outside the house except when pooing and peeing (she and my basset hound/golden retriever mix has a special place in my garage where they do their thing and it is the easiest to clean up). In the house, my electric fans work 24 hours a day and of course we have worn out more fans faster than I wore out my slippers! We also turn the airconditioning on when it gets too hot (even for us). I know that she is a Siberian Husky and I know she needs the colder temperature and I try to provide that in any way I can. I love my doggies very much!
Nice to meet you Amy (and Ayako too of course). Can I ask, how did you and Ayako meet? (I'm so curious as to how a husky ended up in the Phillipines :-) cheers!
Hi Amy! Glad Ayako does well in such a warm place! To think, a Siberian Husky in Manila! Considering what's put in most dog food, it's no wonder she's a fussy eater.
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