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About Molly Mae Vincent

Name: Molly Mae Vincent
Breed: American Bulldog
Color: White with black spots
Sex: F
Date Of Birth: 2006-06-10
Description: Molly is a rescue dog that was used for breeding and then as a bait dog. She has slight scars on her muzzle. She is referred to as our moo cow, because she is a healthy 80 pounds and spotted like a cow. She has a left back torn ACL and takes medicine. She is cat aggressive, small dog aggressive and takes time to warm up to other dogs. She is kennel trained and housebroken. She knows how to sit and shake. She walks well on a leash. You can contact Lake Charles Pit Bull Rescue if you find her!
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Licensed in Municipality/City of: Calcasieu Parish
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Molly Mae Vincent


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