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Darrin Henry
Many years ago when I was very young, I fell in love...
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Debbie Nanni

Thank you for your lovely comment. My little Badger is such a joy and is bringing happiness back to my broken heart after the recent loss of my little dogs Skeeter an Italian greyhound (to bone cancer) and Little White Dog, a sheltie (a funny name, I know) also to bone cancer but of a different type. I see you are a sheltie guy too. He was a double dilute I got from a rescue. He was deaf but it never kept him down. I have been grief stricken and depressed but Badger brings a smile to my face. Dogs are the best. 


Thank you for your beautiful words .... 

I miss Loup a lot ... He found him in Paris 13 years ago ... He was lost ...

As he had the look as a black wolf, I adopted him ... He had a very srtong charactere : ) He was very independant like a cat ... he bite fews time : )  but I loved him ...

I across many times Canada and USA with him ... The last time, I went to Yellowstone National Park to observe wolves ... Each summer, I try to do that ... I am in love with wolves ....

The last moments for him were so painful ... I couldn' t move even he wanted ... It is the reason because I bought a doggyride ... I could take come with me and Saska outside ...

He died the 24  May ... and I think about him everyday .... One month, later, I adopted Louka ... He was a abused dog ... and the results are that he is sick ... He has arthrosis everywhere in his body ... He is only 2 years old ...

I am in love with my dogs like you ... You are beautifuls dogs ...

If you go to Québec or in France, we will take a walk together with our dogs ...

Take care about you and 2 beloved dogs

Gwénaelle, Saska and Louka


Thanks for the comment and the welcome!

Dianna Andre

Thank you for your kind comment, Darrin. Always a pleasure to meet another sheltie enthusiast!

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