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Dogs obsessing over their shadow

000_0424_thumb By Darrin Henry | July 19, 2013 | Answers (0)

A lot of dogs when they are young have a fleeting curiosity with their shadow, but there are some dogs that develop an obsession that can be debilitating for both dog and guardian. Some have suggested that this is because of a lack of both physical and mental stimuli. The solutions range from walking and playing with your dog more, to in the more extreme cases, goggles. I was thinking that because dogs are nocturnal by nature, and their eyes have developed to see better at night than ours, could the tapetum lucidum in the back of the dogs eyes be playing a role here? The domesticated dog is now spending most of their time in the daylight hours, could this be having an effect on the tapetum lucidum of the dogs eyes? This leads me to my question, has any researcher observed wolves, or any other wild dogs exhibiting this obsessive behavior in the wild?

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