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Baby Talking

000_0424_thumb By Darrin Henry | June 27, 2013 | Answers (2)

Does anyone have any funny stories of being embarrassed when baby talking with their dogs? Have you ever had a laugh when you overheard someone else talking baby talk to their dogs? Come on now, you know we all do it, be honest. Once upon a time I was in the backyard thinking I was alone with the dog, not knowing that my new neighbor was on the other side of the fence. Well I was baby talking up a storm while playing with the dog. It was then that I noticed my neighbor, and yes I was a little embarrassed. One of my fellow neighbors has a more serious disposition, and I guess could be described as a macho man. One time I came around a fence line and into a field, and there he was, " aren't you a beautiful little girl mucky mucky mucky muck." You get the idea. It was funny to see a man turn as red as an apple. So come on guys, let's have a laugh and hear some of your stories. Don't be shy. 

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Oh the magical endearing quality of dogs that brings out our inner child and keeps or spirits young. I can relate to you. Sometimes it can take me 45 minutes to an hour just to go around the block in the evening. It's not uncommon for me to meet ten or twelve other dog walkers on an evening walk on the weekend. This can be a healthy thing for any community when it's members talk on a regular basis and get to know each other. I have never been a guardian to one, but have always liked the keen face of a dachshund. Be sure to give little Ginger a hug for me.
LOL!! I do it all the time and I KNOW my neighbors can hear me. I'm always telling her how cute she is and how she's my little baby and wuzza-wuzza-woo. I feel bad for their dogs because nobody walks them but everybody knows they're there because they do nothing but BARK!! Everyone in the neighborhood knows my dachshund Ginger, she has several houses she'll stop at on our walks so she can get loved on and gets upset if I'm tired and want to just get home! Dachshunds can be "barky" but she's not. Pretty much the only time she barks is if I let her out late at night, she'll bark when she wants to come back in or if she sees a stray cat, but not mean barking, it's because she's used to playing with my cat and wants the newcomer to play too.
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