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Is there a color that has a calming effect on dogs.

000_0424_thumb By Darrin Henry | March 16, 2013 | Answers (4)

I know dogs see colors differently than humans. Dogs see blue and yellow the best. In humans pink seems to have a calming effect. I was wondering if there has been any research to see if there is a color that has a calming effect on dogs? 

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dogs are similar to humans. They like to be touched, loved, pampered, taught tricks, they feel, they like hehe--people food....and they CAN react to colors, shades. I am calm with peach colors, my mom is calm with blue. I don't know what color my dog is calm on but I will test this out. This is a wonderful theory and hope animal control, vets, and shelters take this in as an additional training tool.
This is a really interesting question. I wish I'd seen this before I'd chosen what to do for my Dissertation this would make an excellent research project.
The reason I asked this question was because of an article written by Tamara on March 13 2013 called-ASPCA Opens Dedicated Treatment Center for Abused and Traumatized Dogs. When I commented on this article I talked about some research using sound to calm dogs in the shelter. Because these shelters don't have large operating budgets, but still have to paint their facilities, why not use the most effective shade or color. Even if it had only a minimal affect, why not?
Darrin - I had to chuckle at your note. My Max is an 85# yellow lab who is pushing 9yrs old. This evening he had a short run with a couple buddies, had dinner, and then a couple of Kong treats. Now he's totally sacked out on his bed. Another night (and afternoon) at our place. "Calming" is not needed at our place (unless the FedEx/UPS delivery person comes to the door. ;-) Good luck on your quest.
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