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Darrin Henry
Many years ago when I was very young, I fell in love...
Guardian of: 2 dogs
Has reported: 1 Alert
Has earned: 1 recommendation
Has earned: 5 recognitions

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What a sweet photo, Looking into those eyes is such a cathartic experience..
I said the magic words to him when I took the photo. And yes he got it.
Your dogs are adorable!!!!!! Great pictures.
Darrin, I am brand new here & I was wondering if you could tell me what the "Thank" button is for????
I don't get the chance to say "you wanna go for a walk". If I pick up the leash, they're already at the door! LOL! Your babies are beautiful!
Hi Darrin. Thanks again on the post and update about the dog hit by car. Had trouble logging in yesterday when I first read your post. :)
That's ok. And you are welcome.
Thanks so much Darrin. I've been watching the local news, and I'mactually getting frightened. Besides Boomer I have a cat and 7 birds. You and your dogs stay safe through the storm also!
Hi Darrin. The hurricane hit the Jersey shore last night. We lost power around 7:45 pm. A transformer blew just down the street. Several large trees down in the neighborhood. Hope we don't go without power for long. No idea how I got online though, as obviously no power to modem and wifi unit. Hope you and your dog(s) are safe. Thanks for checking with me. :)
Glad you're ok and power was quickly restored. Was quite scary here. My daughter lives at the Jersey shore and works as a nurse for Jersey Shore Hospital. She said things were CRAZY there!!
My gosh...the close up of mickeydoodles could be Hoolie's twin. The eyes!
I love him like crazy.
Hi Darrin. You commented on my photo so I came to check your babies! I just want to say that your about me is just beautifully written. I am new to this group and reading your post just makes me know even more that I am in the right place and so is my heart. Here's to keeping in touch and sharing our wonderful babies together! : )
Cheers! Priscilla. I absolutely love dogs.
i'm gonna put another dog picture up if you wanna check it out later.
Hey Darrin! Priscilla couldn't have said it better! Thanks for the comment.
Hi Darrin! Thanks for the nice welcome and the comment. Nice dogs!
Your very welcome Jade.
I just noticed the recognition you gave me last month. Thank you so much. It brought me to tears. I hope you had a wonderful holiday season. Thank you again for the kind words. I appreciated it very much.

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