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Name: Darrin Henry
About Me: Many years ago when I was very young, I fell in love with a pup named Santana Banana ( Tana ). In my effort to make sure her every need was met, she taught me empathy, before I new there was a word for it. There is nothing I love more than walking the fields and trails with the dogs. From walking in the spring with a million new wild flowers to dazzle both nose and eye. To the first breath of winter and a billion windless snowflakes, reflecting an eternity in there descending sparkle of light. I have met so many beautiful dogs and people along the way, who share this love of mine. So grab that leash, look down at your dog and say the magic words...... You wanna go for a walk ? I only have one request . Love your dogs and animals and treat them well. Darrin Henry

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Dogs obsessing over their shadow

A lot of dogs when they are young have a fleeting curiosity with their shadow, but there are some dogs that develop an obsession that can be debilitating for both dog and guardian. Some have suggested that this is because of a lack of both physical and mental stimuli. The solutions range from walking and playing with your dog more, to in the more extreme cases, goggles. I was thinking that because dogs are nocturnal...
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Baby Talking

Does anyone have any funny stories of being embarrassed when baby talking with their dogs? Have you ever had a laugh when you overheard someone else talking baby talk to their dogs? Come on now, you know we all do it, be honest. Once upon a time I was in the backyard thinking I was alone with the dog, not knowing that my new neighbor was on the other side of the fence. Well I...
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My Comments

I came across a stray elderly dog last night. Had I not intervened she would have almost certainly been hit by a car. Riley is now home safe and sound with her family thanks to the tag on her collar. If you see a dog in need please do the right thing and help them, or call someone who can.
Happy New Year Everyone!
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone. And to all the beautiful dogs too. Merry Christmas
Darrin, I'm so sorry it has taken me forever to respond to your kind words about my Sasha's passing. Even though I've on Dog Heirs for a few years, I'm not all that familiar with all of its nooks and crannies and I simply overlooked your message. Please forgive my rudeness. You said Sasha hit the lotto when she found me or I found her and I think it was the other way around. She had such a horrible couple of years to start out with but when she got to my home I told her she would never have to worry about being mistreated, or if she would be hungry, cold or wet ever again. It took time for her to settle in, but then she was my shadow for many years and seemed to never grow out of her puppy stage until she did and then it seemed to all be over, almost in an instant. She forgot how to wag her tail. She used to have a beautiful smile, we called it her smarl, it was so cute and she'd be so pleased, but the light went off inside of her. She wasn't in pain, but she wasn't in there anymore except on an odd occasion. It didn't justify putting her down, so she just existed until it got to a point where we felt she would no longer want to live the way she was and we scheduled an appointment. No sooner had we done that and she rallied and she was lively and playing with a dog we referred to as her puppy, another rescue we got from next door that had been abandoned by the neighbors, P-Nut she's on here as well, so we cancelled that appt and said we would reschedule. The rally lasted for about a week and she was done. We rescheduled and put her down at the vet’s office.
You're very welcome Sussanne. Your photographs are deserving of praise. Thanks for sharing them. Happy New Year to you and Frazze.
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Thanks for the comment and the welcome!
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