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Name: Deborah E
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Thanks Deborah.....:)....Germantown, Tn has the best police. I have called on a Saturday when the shelter was closed and was told they could do nothing....sure enough a patrol arrived picked up the two lost labs and he said "I just could not let these dogs stay til Monday I am taking them to my home. I have labs and I love them. We will make sure they will be cared for." Now THAT IS SERVE AND PROTECT!
Hi Diana, Please, do not upset yourself by this woman's comments. She is just nasty and is trying to justify her own inadequacies by insulting your home town and portraying me as a bigot. I think your response to her was heartfelt, and funny (the broom reference!) and it is clearly a response to provocation on Pat Joyce's part. We should all just remember the most important thing is trying to take care of animals and prevent animal abuse (which the police do so well!!) and remain committed to that goal. BTW, on of my best friends was raised in Nashville TN, before moving out to the Seattle area after marriage, and she is a fine example of the good people of your state.
I may have overstepped my bounds. Please read my comment to Mrs. Joyce today. I know you are much better at coming at her than I am, but the Bumpkin made me lose it!
I offered by rebuttal to Ms. Joyce who appears to be unable to step out of her narrow minded beliefs and look at the facts. Just on FB alone how many people have had their animals needlessly killed by policemen. We need to better educate the police. Thanks for your note.
Hey I just educated a person on your comment. You are correct about cops. I live in Germantown, Tn. where cops CARE. It sickens me what is going on in this country. One of our cops even made a remark to me lately that it made him sick.
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