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Name: Lupe
About Me: I am a Floridian and enjoy canines with a passion...my latest girl is my 7 year old boxer, Nala.

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Hi Lupe all in good fun. If you want a laugh, go into the Dogs are Family part of the site and click on the photo of the dog with his nose in the tree.
Thank you Ellen...welcome to DogHeirs, I just joined a few weeks ago and love the site. I started my facebook and never finished it..but will work on it. Meanwhile I'm just happy to have found a dog lover friend...In the past years I have found strays and patched them up to find them homes and it's worked out. It's very rewarding to me. I am currently set up with TDI (Therapy Dogs Intl.) to evaluate Nala for volunteer work and very excited to get started. As you, I find giving from the heart is what makes me feel the BEST ever! PS: LOVE the view of the ocean at you place..how inspiring-:)
P.S... Your Nala is exquisite!
Let me know if you are on facebook and I'll recommend some people who use doggie insurance and have had great success and good experiences with it. Thank you for your kind words...and anytime you'd like to visit Greece let me know...life here is simple and the dogs are wonderful company and always a challenge. I've just joined DogHeirs, only yesterday as a matter of fact, but I'll be posting pictures of all of my dogs over the next few days. Take good care! See you here...and hopefully on facebook as well. Look me up as Ellen-Ann Lacey!!
I was wondering if some one could advise on doggie insurance. I just recently had a not so positive experience with what I thought after some research was the a top notch insurance. I chose Embrace but was very dissapointed about there perpetual need for constant information, as though trying desperately to find excuses for denying any future claims I might have had. Within two weeks I cancelled the policy and was refunded by premium. They wanted medical notes from the day I brought Nala, my 7 year old boxer home when she was 3 months old....can you imagine? Is this standard procedure? By the way, I did comply with the Orthopedic exam, heartworm exam and current vaccination.
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