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Finally, a male with drop dead good looks who hasn't let it go to his head! (video)

Chase_profile_thumb By lorraine | September 23, 2013 | Comments (3)



Hunter is a drop dead gorgeous, purebred German Shepherd Dog.  Just as you'd expect, he's whip smart and loyal to a fault, but he also fancies himself a lap dog.  This isn't the kind of dog you'd imagine being homeless, but he's just one of many purebreds that wind up in our county shelters.

Coastal German Shepherd Rescue OC spotted this gorgeous boy at an Inland Empire (CA) shelter and knew they had to help.  Hunter is a lover of all people and enjoys a hearty belly rub like no other.  He has a smile that's contagious and a heart as big as California.



Hunter is located in Southern California and available for adoption through Coastal GSR!



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Comments on this Article

You're very welcome Lorraine, and thank you for helping these dogs.
Thank you, Darrin!
So many beautiful dogs waiting for homes on your website. I guess this is the burden that a rescue must deal with on a regular basis and a problem that we as dog lovers must work together to solve. If there is a day in the future when we can look back and say, if we only knew then what we know now. Then there are solutions to these problems and we have to work together to find them. From the logistics of transport to new affordable soundproofing techniques in the construction of buildings that allow people to keep their dogs when moving into a apartment building. There are so many possibilities that the list is to long to be written here. Perhaps one small solution at a time. Hunter is such a beautiful looking dog and so full of life. I love the keen looking face with the sharp upright ears. This would be the perfect dog for those people who love long walks or hiking in the outback. It is my sincere wish that Hunter and all the other dogs on your website find good homes to live out the rest of there lives in peace.
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