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TJ gets his wheels

Chase_profile_thumb By lorraine | August 05, 2013 | Comments (27)


Here is TJ's story:




created on: 2013-08-05

Sometimes, rescue work can seem overwhelming. "Am I going to be able to help this poor dog?  Is he too far gone?"

TJ was found living on the streets, a pile of garbage for his bed. He had mange and what hair he had left was matted and as hard as a turtle's shell.  TJ had no use of his back legs and was covered in feces.

West Coast Animal Rescue decided to help. They brought him into their rescue and straight to their vet. After being cleaned up, it was obvious that the puncture wounds around his spine were from a much larger dog. What wasn't so obvious was that his back left leg wasn't completely paralyzed. Hydrotherapy, chiropractic care and acupuncture were recommended. If he would ever walk again or even be helped by a wheelchair, he needed to regain his strength.


created on: 2013-08-05





TJ is a lesson in determination, will and the power of love. Only a few months after his rescue, TJ is a different dog; loved by many, healthy and mobile!

This is TJ now:





created on: 2013-08-05

TJ is available for adoption through West Coast Animal Rescue: www.westcoastanimalrescue.org

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Comments on this Article

Thank you so much for this miracle!
It broke my heart to see him so hurt & then to see the transformation was absolutely amazing. Thank you for helping TJ get better. Many hugs for him!
TOTALLY AMAZING!! Tears of joy just to know there are ones that still love & care in this day & time.. Huge warm loving thank you to the ones that worked hands on with TJ!! You all are angels here on earth!!!TJ fur baby go live & be happy lil' man because you so deserve it! YES YOU DO!!! West Coast Animal Rescue You People Are HERO's!!!!!
He doesn't know he is "limited"!!! Too cool!
Nothing breaks my heart more than seeing such a beautiful little soul, like TJ and his shocking start to life. Obviously suffering daily with severe pain, sadness, confusion and loneliness. :') But nothing makes my heart smile more than a very happy ending for all neglected dogs who have been rescued by the 'West Coast Animal Rescue' and all the rescue organisations who work so hard to give them the life that they so desperately deserve, As I watched with tears in my eyes, at this poor babies condition, when he was found to the beautiful sight of watching him so happy with his new wheels. The W.C.A.R are wonderful people who give their time, kindness and of coarse their love to these animals. I appreciate each and every one of you. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart xox
Missed the word "PEOPLE" out on my comment
Truly amazing story god love the little pup and to the beautiful that spent time with TJ getting him back on his "feet"
What a beautiful story. I'm so glad this little pup was found. Thank you West Coast Animal Rescue. You Rock!
First a big THANK YOU who worked with TJ! I have to say, seeing him running so happily, and over grass and other things, he made me realize even a little dog can be a fighter and come out a winner! And thats 1 good looking little pup!!
Oh Lord, thank you Jesus for guided those reducers found this dog. Now he is doing great! What a lovely of you, Lord Jesus Christ!
It's stories like this that restore my faith in mankind. It is so heartbreaking to realize that someone could just leave this poor dog out to fend on it's own. Thank God that you good people came to his rescue, and where other's would have just said " just put him down " you didn't give up on him and gave him a chance to know what it is really like to be loved and cared for the way that every animal deserves. God bless each and every one of you and all of the people on this site as we are all here for the same reason, Our love of dogs / animals! :-) I think I will go and give my 2 dogs and 3 cats some extra cuddles now. Have a blessed day everyone!
Oh my, what a touching real life story. Bless all the people in the West Coast Animal Rescue. I wish we have those kind of animal shelter here in Indonesia.
OMG!! What a great story...the power of love! Sharing!
Amazing........loved his spirit, especially on his wheels......wish I could adopt him......I wish him all the best.....May he has an amazing life ahead and finds a loving home :)
Look at him run with those wheels! So glad people cared enough to make it happen. All dogs really need is for someone to show them they are worth it, and they go beyond proving you right,
What a difference a few months has made to TJ. A big thank you to the wonderful people that save these beautiful dogs from more misery or death. I do hope TJ finds the home he deserves after all his suffering. You are all champions and it is so good to know that some people do care and realize just how precious our furry friends are to us.
Oh wow I just bawled my eyes out first out of sadness and then out of happiness :-)
Breaks my heart to see the condition some puppies/dogs are found in but it warms my heart to see what you rescuers are doing for them. Most people would just euthanize them and forget it. All the hard work and love that goes into just one single rescue!!! I admire you all to no end. God bless you all and all the wonderful work you do for these poor, defenseless babies. Little TJ is so precious, I pray he gets a wonderful home with loads of love and affection.
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