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My Details

Name: lorraine
Website: http://www.youtube.com/user/lunderscoreo
About Me: I volunteer with Coastal German Shepherd Rescue OC (www.coastalgsr.org).

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This is Clover's Story (video)

  Everyone who meets Clover has remarked on her happy and loving nature. Clover was hit by a car and left on the side of the road. She had a broken femur and was in pretty bad shape, but was so sweet that the shelter reached out to find her a rescue. Once we got her to our vet, we found out her injuries were more severe than originally expected. In addition to the broken...
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Axel was found hit by a car... (video)

Axel was found hit by a car and picked up by animal control. We rescued him when his owners didn't claim him from the shelter, as the facility didn't have the means to help him and we didn't want to see him put down. Axel's leg was so badly shattered, there was absolutely no way to save it. It's sad when we have to make a tough decision to amputate a leg, but it's amazing...
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  • Member since: 13/08/05
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Shane J H Barnard
HI Lorraine Thank God for Angels like you. Bless you.
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Jenny Grinstead

Retired Nanny, Mother of three children, one in heaven. Grandmother...

Sheka's Mommy

Shane J H Barnard

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