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Why does my dog always rub her nose on the floor before she eats?

Img_8319low_thumb By Kay I. | November 06, 2013 | Answers (7)

I always wonder why my doggie rubs her nose on the floor before she eats. So basically when I give her food everyday, she'd rub her nose on the floor and push the bowl away. She continues doing that for maybe a couple minutes and then she'll start eating. Can someone please advise? Thanks in advance :)

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Thanks a lot John for sharing your experience :)
My little schouzer does this when she don't want her food!! she pretends she is either burying it or hiding it to keep from eating her food. I wouldn't worry about to much after all your dog is just saying eeewwwww in her own way.
Thanks Darrin. Yes I take her to the vet for a full body check every year and she just had one this year a month ago. But I'll start paying more attention to her teeth since now you've brought it up. Thanks for your help :)
Has your dogs teeth been checked by a vet. Often when a dog has something that's hurting in their mouth they will rub their snout. Perhaps your dog does this before eating the hard food because it's harder to chew and your dog might have a little sensitivity in the teeth. If your dog has a brown discoloration on the teeth around the gum line, perhaps it's time for a checkup at the vet.
Many thanks Gaynell and Darrin for your feedback. @Darrin: my dog is 9 years old and she's been doing this since she was 1 year old so I don't think it's about the type of dry dog food that she has because I've changed quite a few times in the past years. She rubs her nose and doesn't do it when drinking water. Only does this when dry dog food is given to her. If it's canned food, she just eats it right away. I guess the burying motion could be right because when she's hungry, she doesn't rub as much and eats soon free a few rub.
How old is your dog? Does your dog rub the whole mouth or just the nose? What type of food do you give your dog, hard or soft food? Does your dog do the same thing when drinking water? Have you tried different types of food?
Could they be making a "burying motion" as in covering up their food in the wild? I have had dogs that would do this but still eat the food in the bowl then. It seemed to be ritualistic in motion. Just a thought.
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