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Please Help!

Image_thumb By Patricia Martin | April 05, 2015 | Answers (4)

My 7 month old pitbull Lennox was ran over by a truck on Friday at about 6:00pm. She was rushed to an emergency vet. She survived the next couple nights when he decided to do an x-ray. The x-ray showed that both front legs are broken. The broken legs are so bad that the veterinarian said there was nothing more that he could do. He said I should check into a ortho veterinarian if I choose. He told me what the possible cost of a surgery to be repaired might be. I know that I love my dog as if she was my child. But I also know that I can't afford to have her legs repaired on my own. I don't want to have to come to the point to where I have to put her down. I honestly don't have the heart to do that because like I said she is my child. My heart is broken. I'm at a crossroad. I'm writing to see if there was any kind of program or anyway to get some help with getting my baby fixed. She's alert and eats and drinks. She's a normal dog except for she can't use her front legs. Please help me or maybe point me in the direction to help my baby walk again! Thank you In advance. 

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www.BadRap.org may provide some information for you. They are pro pit bulls. In Oakland, Ca and are a group that helped the dogs rescued in the Micheal Vick case. They have info under resources A group Muttville, has listings of potential help. It is hard to get help with vets, these places are only maybe. Vets do not seem to provide breaks so they are not so expensive.
There are also Organizations that will help in certain circumstances. Google: canine financial aid. Examples of organizations found. The Humane Society of the United States. [Check our list of national and state resources for pet owners in need http://www.humanesociety.org/animals/resources/tips/trouble_affording_pet.html]. Best Friends [If your pet needs medical care that you cannot afford, here are listings of state-specific programs that may be able to help you. http://bestfriends.org/Resources/Financial-Assistance-For-Pet-Guardians/]. List of possible sources of financial aid via IMOM: [http://www.imom.org/fa/pdf/fasources.pdf]. The Pet fund: [http://www.thepetfund.com/]. Brown Dog foundation: [http://www.browndogfoundation.org/]. Onyx and Breezy: [http://www.onyxandbreezy.org/].
I set one up but no one has offered to help yet. :(
Therenare fundraisding sites on the internet for people who have problems such as yours. They do have dogs to help. A major site is Go Fund Me. Am not sure if is com or org. If you check on google for more sites , you will find more places. They keep some of what they raise in your behalf for their services, but you will do better using their site than anything you can do on your own. Vets are expensive. Many people besides you cannot afford their services for operations, etc.
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