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Ebbi Update

Ebbi_thumb By Laura-Mai O'Reilly | February 15, 2012 | Comments (4)

Hi guys!


Ebbi had another seizure on Monday evening.

It was not good, so it was straight to the vet.

She got the most thorough physical I've ever seen her get. Including a full going over of her head, heart and all joints etc

Luckily, my lil munchkin has a perfect heart (vet gasped at that) perfect joints and lovely remaining teeth (PHEW)... However, her brain was "swollen"(no kidding, right?), which contributed to the fit that she had.

She is currently on a steroid to help with the swelling

She was also running a temperature, so she is on an antibiotic too.

Unfortunately, whether this is related to SM, or a virus, the vet could not tell, as everything showed up as normal as could be expected with swelling. As far as SM goes, Ebbi still has a very mild case, however the day has come to make the decision to put Ebbi on seizure medication along with her anti inflammatories.

I was so scared I would lose her, but so thankful that she is still here, and thankful to the vet that helped her out.

She is on close watch for the next week (which I guess is pretty selfish of me, because I get to snuggle her all day and all night) and quite possibly will be on seizure medication two times a day for the rest of her life.


Love Laura and Ebbi

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Comments on this Article

Oh poor darlin, our cavaliers go through a lot don't they? But at least Ebbi has a great mum like you :) I'm glad she is doing well.
That's great news ! Yay !
Nadine she is back to her usual self Thankfully! :)
Hi, your story really touched my heart. I hope sweet little Ebbi is still doing well :)
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